Devon Court Emperor 72

Devon Court Nanango

Devon Court Oxley


Mr Alexander Nixon founded Devon Court Stud in 1932 and the first calf was registered in 1933.

Heifers and bulls were introduced from well-known studs of the day including Ennisview, Tocal, Mascotte, Golf Hill, Bexley and Hobartville.

Sires to make a lasting impact were purchased from South Boorook and so began the successful show ring parade of champions - Atherton, Shakespeare, Emperor 72, Oxley, Musbury and so on.

With this success came record-breaking sales of the 1970s.

Very few Hereford or Hereford cross herds would not have been touched by Devon Court genetics.

The focus always was, and still is, to produce commercially affordable bulls with traits suited to the feedlot and finishing markets whilst leaving a viable cow for the breeder.

Top Priced Bulls

2016 - Devon Court centurion K152

Sold for $24,000 Glenlyon Rural Holdings, Toowoomba

2015 - Devon Court eclipse j157 

Sold for $9,000 to Ian Staines, Guluguba.

2014 - Devon Court Advance H146

Sold for $14,000 to Lotus Herefords, Glen Innes NSW.

2012 - Devon Court Carlton

Sold for $6,000 to the Booth Family Wandoan QLD.

2012 - Devon Court Advance F052

Sold for $8,000 to Talbalba Herefords, Millmerran QLD & Mawarra Herefords, Sale Vic.

2011 - Devon Court Essential E234

Sold for $7,500 to Tummel Herefords, Walcha NSW.

2010 - Devon Court Timebomb D171

Sold for $5,500 to John Kilpatrick South Hampton, St George QLD.

2009 - Devon Court Zilla C312

Sold for $9,000 to Leath Gray, Condamine QLD.

2008 - Devon Court Storm B153

Sold for $8,000 to Boxvale Cattle Co, Taroom QLD.

2008 - Devon Court Sharka B412

Sold for $8,000 to Ardno Herefords, Wingeel Vic.

2007 - Devon Court Storm A215

Sold for $10,000 to Matt Doak, Bundarra NSW.

2006 - Devon Court Stanmore Z291

Sold for $10,000 to J&B Herefords “Mt Hope”, Coolah NSW.

2005 - Devon Court Stanmore Y228

Sold for $10,000 to Wallan Creek Herefords, Drillham QLD.

2005 - Devon Court Fadden Y349

Sold for $12,000 to Lambert Hereford & Poll Herefords, Charleville QLD.

2005 - Devon Court Ellwood Y153

Sold for $10,000 to Wallan Creek Herefords, Drillham QLD.